The Company’s Operations

Our objective is to strengthen JSC Latvijas Gāze’s position as a leader in the Latvian fuel market, by increasing the availability of natural gas, promoting the variety of its consumption, and ensuring Latvia with one of the most stable natural gas supplies in Europe.

Our vision is to transform Latvia into one of Europe’s largest natural-gas storage centers, utilizing our country’s unique geological formations.

Our mission is to contribute to the Baltic region’s economy, by ensuring the safety of energy supply, the development of the sector, and competitive pricing.


The history of the Latvian gas industry began in 1862, when the first artificial gas factory was opened in Riga; this factory manufactured combustible gas for lighting the streets of Old Riga and, later, for homes. Natural gas was first used in 1962, when Latvia was linked to a gas pipeline from Dashava, Ukraine. In 1968, the Inčukalns Underground Gas Storage Facility began operation; the storage facility still functions as the most important stabilizer of natural gas supply in the Baltic region. In 1991, after the fall of the Soviet Union, the Latvian government assumed jurisdiction over all the institutions and objects connected with gas supply in Latvia, combining them to form the state company Latvijas Gāze. In 1994, the state company Latvijas Gāze was reformed into a state stock company and included in the list of objects to be privatized. As a result of privatization, the company’s largest shareholders, from 1997 to 2002, became the companies Uniper Ruhrgas International GmbH (previously E.ON and Ruhrgas), PJSC Gazprom, and LLC ITERA Latvija. 

The picture features one of the most beautiful and interesting buildings of Riga - the largest and newest gas reservoir that was built for the gas factory in Vagonu Street in 1901.
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